SOYBOY DOCUMENTARY FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2023 Still of SOYBOY SOYBOY follows the cultural battle for interpretative sovereignty over gender roles that is being played out on the internet, using memes: silly, fast, political and overt miniatures of pop culture. On a journey through the western USA, we develop a documentary project in which we meet people […]


CARBONIZATION FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2021 Still of Carbonization The essay film „Carbonization“ (2021) uses the high-quality imagery of advertising videos by major bicycle manufacturers as found footage in an uncanny, deconstructive narrative to tell the story of both carbon as a lightweight material and the bicycle as a superior means of transport. Carbonization, together with Nicolas […]

The Last Resort

THE LAST RESORT FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2019 Installation view at HfG and ZKM, Karlsruhe, 2020 Photo: Anselm Buder Installation view at Galerie Klinger, Karlsruhe, 2019 A previously failed interview with a group of animal and human rights activists is re-enacted. With their extreme willingness to use violence, the activists herald a new stage in the escalation […]

Pow Pow

POW POW FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2015 Still of Pow Pow, 2015 Do trees, plants, leaves, rivers, waterfalls, the sky, the earth, stones and rocks have a nationality? Patrick Alan Banfield travelled 8,000 km across Canada to film nature and a shaman, portraying an abstract Canada that remains elusive and whose images are distorted. Pow Pow, 2015Two-screen […]


UHT (PIPES) FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2013 Installation view at St├Ądelschule, Frankfurt, 2013 The video installation „UHT“ (2013) shows the film „Pipes“, which poetically interweaves a satirical programme of the Iranian state television „Press TV“, which pokes fun at Israel and Saudi princes, a helicopter flight, a snow-covered radio tower and a mysterious, tattooed stranger in spring. […]

The Mill

THE MILL FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2013 Still of The Mill, 2013 In „The Mill“ from 2013, slow camera movements in the middle of a snow-covered landscape alternate with bodies of water. A sonorous voice tells a poem about a mysterious mill in the forest, which, like the miller, is never seen. The Mill, 2013Single screen film, […]