SOYBOY DOCUMENTARY FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2023 Still: SOYBOY SOYBOY follows the cultural battle for interpretative sovereignty over gender roles that is being played out on the internet, using memes: silly, fast, political and overt miniatures of pop culture. On a journey through the western USA, we develop a documentary project in which we meet people who […]


(Tatort) saratov DOCUMENTARY FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2023 Still:TATORT SARATOV The experimental documentary „Saratov“ and the video installation „Tatort (crime scene) Saratov“ both investigate the events in the Russian Saratov tuberculosis prison hospital, which came to light in the autumn of 2021. Prisoners were sexually abused and tortured for years, and filmed so that they could later […]

Escapist Room

ESCAPIST Room EXPERIMENTAL FILM, 2019-2023 Still of Escapist Room „Escapist Room“ shows the painter Fritz Zuroff working in his studio for the Mossad in the late 1980s, hunting down old Nazis. He speaks into the camera and breaks the fourth wall. „Escapist Room“ examines aesthetics and typical Hollywood narratives of secret agents and spies – […]


CARBONIZATION FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2021 Still of Carbonization The essay film „Carbonization“ (2021) uses the high-quality imagery of advertising videos by major bicycle manufacturers as found footage in an uncanny, deconstructive narrative to tell the story of both carbon as a lightweight material and the bicycle as a superior means of transport. Carbonization, together with Nicolas […]

The Last Resort

THE LAST RESORT FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2019 Installation view at HfG and ZKM, Karlsruhe, 2020 Photo: Anselm Buder Installation view at Galerie Klinger, Karlsruhe, 2019 A previously failed interview with a group of animal and human rights activists is re-enacted. With their extreme willingness to use violence, the activists herald a new stage in the escalation […]

No hydra

No hydra FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2017 Installation view of No Hydra The Greek island of Hydra was once an island full of rivers and water. The film „No Hydra“ shows the vegetation and landscape, the village settlement, harbour facilities and local population alongside tourists. But the real leading role is played by a mysterious man whom […]

Pow Pow

POW POW FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2015 Still of Pow Pow, 2015 Do trees, plants, leaves, rivers, waterfalls, the sky, the earth, stones and rocks have a nationality? Patrick Alan Banfield travelled 8,000 km across Canada to film nature and a shaman, portraying an abstract Canada that remains elusive and whose images are distorted. Pow Pow, 2015Two-screen […]


UHT (PIPES) FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2013 Installation view at St├Ądelschule, Frankfurt, 2013 The video installation „UHT“ (2013) shows the film „Pipes“, which poetically interweaves a satirical programme of the Iranian state television „Press TV“, which pokes fun at Israel and Saudi princes, a helicopter flight, a snow-covered radio tower and a mysterious, tattooed stranger in spring. […]

The Mill

THE MILL FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2013 Still of The Mill, 2013 In „The Mill“ from 2013, slow camera movements in the middle of a snow-covered landscape alternate with bodies of water. A sonorous voice tells a poem about a mysterious mill in the forest, which, like the miller, is never seen. The Mill, 2013Single screen film, […]