Photo: Patrick Alan Banfield
Still of Carbonization

The essay film “Carbonization” (2021) uses the high-quality imagery of advertising videos by major bicycle manufacturers as found footage in an uncanny, deconstructive narrative to tell the story of both carbon as a lightweight material and the bicycle as a superior means of transport.

Carbonization, together with Nicolas C. Geissler, 2021
Single screen film + Video Installation
7:80 min, HD, stereo audio
Courtesy: Patrick Alan Banfield


Editing: Nicolas C. Geissler
Voice-Over: Geoffrey Newland

Bicycle manufacturers can’t distinguish one from another in terms of quality based on the components they use. That’s why strong, emotional image marketing is the foundation of all well-known bicycle brands. Their stories manipulate us by becoming part of the narrative. We believe in innovative storytellers that make us anti-establishment.

The carbon dioxide produced in the production and transportation of the food required by the cyclist is less than 1/10th of that produced by energy-efficient motor vehicles per mile ridden. Internal combustion engines are old-fashioned. They are outdated. They are rotten. They are a thing of the past. They are disgusting. They stink. Bridge technology, fuck you.

Early adopters are those people who use new products before the majority of people. They are risk takers and trendsetters and have a strong influence on the success or failure of a new product. For this reason, many companies try to gain the approval of early adopters. Sometimes they are called alpha customers. In return for being an early adopter, and thus being exposed to the problems, risks, and annoyances common to early-stage product testing and adoption, the early adopter feels a sense of pride, pleasure, and satisfaction.

Stills of Carbonization
Full version of Carbonization, 7:38 min., 2021
Photo: Tanja Meissner
Installation view at Künstlerhaus Karlsruhe, 2020
Photo: Tanja Meissner
Installation view at Künstlerhaus Karlsruhe, 2020
BBK Künstlerhaus

KÜNSTLERHAUS KARLSRUHE BBK Karlsruhe, Germany “Nix wie raus! Fahrrad Kunst Sommer”, 03.07.2021 – 01.08.2021 Photo: Tanja Meissner Installation view of “Carbonization” at NIX WIE RAUS! Carbonization, together with Nicolas