Photo: Patrick Alan Banfield
Still of The Mill, 2013

In „The Mill“ from 2013, slow camera movements in the middle of a snow-covered landscape alternate with bodies of water. A sonorous voice tells a poem about a mysterious mill in the forest, which, like the miller, is never seen.

The Mill, 2013
Single screen film, two-screen film + Video Installation
7:12 min, 4k, stereo audio
Courtesy: Patrick Alan Banfield


Cinematography: Nicolas C. Geissler

Sound design: Sascha Blank

Voice-over: David Seys

There are two versions: a special one-channel film for viewing in a cinematic context and a version with two video channels for a spatial installation context.

The work explores poetic ways of capturing phenomena associated with capital(ism). Long tracking shots of snow-covered trees are juxtaposed with tracking shots of small streams in the forest, also set in winter.

The film was shot in January 2013 in Germany, around Baden-Baden and South Palatinate.

Still of The Mill, 2013
Still of The Mill, 2013
Excerpt of The Mill, 2015
Photo: Max Eicke
Installation view at galerie weisser elefant, Berlin, 2023
galerie weisser elefant

galerie weisser elefant Berlin, Germany „Chapters of Violence“, 17.02.2023 – 10.04.2023 Installation view: Man Cave at galerie weisser elefant Photo: Max Eicke Installation view: Trophy Wife Room at galerie