(Und jetzt geht‘s:) zur sache


Photo: Sebastian Heck

This experimental film seems to be a DIY tutorial: A narrator guides performers and viewers through step-by-step tasks, providing motivation without any clear progress. This work examines the tension between commercial aesthetics and deconstructive video art, questioning the purpose of aimless activity and the sensual experience of instruction without a definitive goal.

(Und jetzt geht‘s:) Zur Sache, experimental film and video installation, 2023, in collaboration with Nicolas. C. Geissler

Single screen film + video installation

03:55 min, HD, stereo audio

Courtesy: Patrick Alan Banfield

Cinematography and concept: Nicolas C. Geissler


To the point! Only – which one? Or: Why is the ground always being dug up?

Patrick Alan Banfield’s new video was created in collaboration with Nicolas C. Geissler. A narrator guides performers and viewers. Work step follows work step. The narrator knows how to motivate: ‘You’re almost there!’ However, there is no sign of targeted progress. Even though structure is repeatedly suggested here, it constantly dissolves into falling pebbles.

At the interface between commercial over-aestheticisation and deconstructive video art, Banfield and Geissler examine the genre of ‘instructional films’ and the depiction of comprehensive purposefulness of undirected activity. What is the justification for pure, aimless activity and sensual experience?

Exhibitions views: WERKstattPALAST,2022