POSTER INSTALLATION, 2023 Installation view at Broken Gallery, Stuttgart, 2023 „“ is the intriguing prelude to a new cycle of works by artists Patrick Alan Banfield and Mimi Kohler. It is an expressive advertising poster that marks the coming artistic path and prepares the viewer for the future production of a physical artwork in […]


SOYBOY DOCUMENTARY FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2023 Still of SOYBOY SOYBOY follows the cultural battle for interpretative sovereignty over gender roles that is being played out on the internet, using memes: silly, fast, political and overt miniatures of pop culture. On a journey through the western USA, we develop a documentary project in which we meet people […]


SYLVIE NARRATIVE VIDEO, 2022 Still of Sylvie The video work „Sylvie“ (together with Anne-Sophie Brunold) often changes signs in a theatre-like rehearsal room: the identity, role and goal of the two actresses can never be clearly identified. Based on fragments of the text „Whole Days – Whole Nights“ by Xavier Durringer (1996), a speculative space […]


CARBONIZATION FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2021 Still of Carbonization The essay film „Carbonization“ (2021) uses the high-quality imagery of advertising videos by major bicycle manufacturers as found footage in an uncanny, deconstructive narrative to tell the story of both carbon as a lightweight material and the bicycle as a superior means of transport. Carbonization, together with Nicolas […]

Drive Crisis Preacher

Drive Crisis Preacher VR INSTALLATION, VR environment, 2020 Still of Drive Crisis Preacher „Drive Crisis Preacher“ is a virtual reality environment. The scenography of a fictional cyberpunk dystopia merges with old and new video and sculptural works to create an immersive VR experience. Visitors are invited to explore this world and its spatial and narrative […]

The Last Resort

THE LAST RESORT FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2019 Installation view at HfG and ZKM, Karlsruhe, 2020 Photo: Anselm Buder Installation view at Galerie Klinger, Karlsruhe, 2019 A previously failed interview with a group of animal and human rights activists is re-enacted. With their extreme willingness to use violence, the activists herald a new stage in the escalation […]

Saulus Taunus

Saulus Taunus Video INSTALLATION, 2018 Installation view at MEWO Kunsthalle, Memmingen, 2018 „Saulus Taunus“ is a dense video installation about men destroying the world. Three narrators‘ voices address the viewer. The objects, cities, beings, and documentary scenes in the film are observations I make. The intuitive editing is an attempt to be political in a […]

My View/Mein Blick

My VIEW/MEIN BLICK VR-INSTALLATION, 2018 Installation view at Museum für Neue Kunst, Freiburg, 2018 The immersive Virtual Reality installation „My View/Mein Blick“ by artist Patrick Alan Banfield forces up the viewers visual habits and perception of their digital dominated day-to-day life. My View/Mein Blick, 2017/2018VR installation10:07 min, 360-degree video, ambisonics audioOffice chair, Gaming PC, Oculus […]

Pow Pow

POW POW FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2015 Still of Pow Pow, 2015 Do trees, plants, leaves, rivers, waterfalls, the sky, the earth, stones and rocks have a nationality? Patrick Alan Banfield travelled 8,000 km across Canada to film nature and a shaman, portraying an abstract Canada that remains elusive and whose images are distorted. Pow Pow, 2015Two-screen […]


SALIX FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, PHOTO SERIES, 2013 „Formal“ (Salix series), Endura Ultra photograph, 180 X 240, 2013 The Salix series (2013) traverses an almost dystopian farmhouse on the German/French border where an elderly couple live and work. The work explores the construct of ‚home‘ and the dignified aging of the German post-war generation. Salix, 2013Two screen […]