Photo: Mona Barmeier
Installation view at Broken Gallery, Stuttgart, 2023

„“ is the intriguing prelude to a new cycle of works by artists Patrick Alan Banfield and Mimi Kohler. It is an expressive advertising poster that marks the coming artistic path and prepares the viewer for the future production of a physical artwork in the form of a metal butt plug with spikes and barbs., together with Mimi Kohler, 2023

Poster Installation + promotional website
7:80 min, HD, stereo audio
Courtesy: Patrick Alan Banfield

3D-Modelling: Nicolas C. Geissler

This cycle of works aims to explore the multi-layered terrain of human sexuality, touching on contemporary issues of gender relations, dominance, submission and BDSM sexuality. The metal butt plug, which is still in the production phase, promises to become a lively focal point of this discussion, serving as both a utilitarian object and an aesthetic object of contemplation.

In its dual function, however, the butt plug also represents the universal human dilemma between pleasure and death. The possible use of the butt plug can have fatal consequences and confronts the user with the choice between ultimate pleasure and potential death.

This dilemma powerfully reflects Sartre’s concept of the fear of freedom. The decision for or against the butt plug confronts the individual with the terrible fear and at the same time with the irresistible fascination that comes from ultimate freedom – the freedom to make a choice that could radically change or even end one’s life.

The poster „“ invites the viewer to embark on an artistic journey of reflection on freedom, desire and danger. It is not only a strong visual opening by Banfield and Kohler, but also a provocation that encourages reflection and discussion about human sexuality and existence.

Photo: Mona Barmeier
Installation view at Broken Gallery, Stuttgart, 2023
Broken Gallery

BROKEN GALLERY Stuttgart, Germany „HORROR SHOW“, 25.04.20233 Installation view of „HORROR SHOW“ at BROKEN GALLERY, Stuttgart, 2023 Poster installation Courtesy Patrick Alan Banfield and Mimi Kohler Die