Photo: Patrick Alan Banfield
"Formal" (Salix series), Endura Ultra photograph, 180 X 240, 2013

The Salix series (2013) traverses an almost dystopian farmhouse on the German/French border where an elderly couple live and work. The work explores the construct of ‘home’ and the dignified aging of the German post-war generation.

Salix, 2013
Two screen and single screen film, Endura Ultra Photographs
8:08 min, 4k, stereo audio

Courtesy: Patrick Alan Banfield


Cinematography: Nicolas C. Geissler
Sounddesign: Sascha Blank
Assistance: Katharina Schwöbel
Director: Patrick Alan Banfield

The shooting (cinematography Nicolas C. Geissler, sound design Sascha Blank, assistance Katharina Schwöbel) took place in 2013 on individual shooting days over a period of two months in the Palatinate village of Steinfeld in Alsace. The German Schwöbel couple, who lived there, were already in their mid-90s at the time of filming and lived in a farmhouse with several workshops on a hillside. The Schwöbels had been making baskets there since the 1960s and 1970s. They were the grandparents of my ex-partner Katharina, who was initially against this film. After the Schwöbels died, this work became a contemporary document of the post-war period and a personal memento for those left behind.

‘Salix’ refers to the Latin word for (wicker) willow.

"Living Room" (Salix series), Endura Ultra photograph, 180 X 240, 2013
Excerpt of the two-screen version of Salix, 2013
Installation view at Galerie 1m3, Lausanne, 2013
Installation view at galerie weisser elefant, Berlin, 2023
Behind the scenes on location at Steinfeld, Germany, 2013
Galerie 1m3

galerie 1m3 Lausanne, Switzerland “Influence”, 05.07.2013 – 10.08.13 Installation view of “Salix” at “Influence” at Galerie 1m3 Salix, 2013VideoinstallationCourtesy Patrick Alan Banfield Participating artists: Artun Alaska Arasli, Alexander Bacon, Patrick Alan

galerie weisser elefant

galerie weisser elefant Berlin, Germany “Chapters of Violence”, 17.02.2023 – 10.04.2023 Installation view: Man Cave at galerie weisser elefant Photo: Max Eicke Installation view: Trophy Wife Room at galerie