Saulus Taunus

Saulus Taunus Video INSTALLATION, 2018 Installation view at MEWO Kunsthalle, Memmingen, 2018 “Saulus Taunus” is a dense video installation about men destroying the world. Three narrators’ voices address the viewer. The objects, cities, beings, and documentary scenes in the film are observations I make. The intuitive editing is an attempt to be political in a […]


SALIX FILM/VIDEO INSTALLATION, PHOTO SERIES, 2013 “Formal” (Salix series), Endura Ultra photograph, 180 X 240, 2013 The Salix series (2013) traverses an almost dystopian farmhouse on the German/French border where an elderly couple live and work. The work explores the construct of ‘home’ and the dignified aging of the German post-war generation. Salix, 2013Two screen […]


vyLö:t Video INSTALLATION, 2012/2014 Installation view at Berlin Biennale, 2014 The video installation vylö:t juxtaposes images of brutalist architecture from the late 1960s with images of dark forests, plants, stones, in short, supposedly untouched nature. But just as there are no pure primeval forests, there are no completely inanimate, abstract buildings. Any dichotomy is constantly […]