Yekaterinburg, Russia

„Pixels Fest – International Festival And Contest Of Digital Video Art“, 07.03.2020 – 15.03.2020 https://web.archive.org/web/20200928152721/https://pixelsfest.com/
Photo: The 2x2 Channel
Photo: The 2x2 Channel

Installation view of "Saulus Taunus" at "Pixels Fest"

Saulus Taunus2018/2020 Projection/Video Installation Courtesy Patrick Alan Banfield
Curator: Anna Titovets Intektra

Pixels Fest 2019–2020. The theme: «Digital Utopias»

Global technologization of the planet, introduction of algorithms and machines at all levels of our everyday life is often perceived pessimistically, and further scenarios of the evolution of human lives, society and planet in general, proposed by philosophers and journalists, often look horrendous.
But there may be another, utopian, alternative and imaginary vision of the future. The word “Utopia” in our case means that we encourage the artists to reflect both on “positive” ideas and speculative theories related to technological future.

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